Why You Should Always Use Clear and Relevant Headlines

Sometimes your subconscious brings up some dumb thing you did years ago, and then you get to stay up all night thinking about how awful it was. Okay. In school I only enjoyed English class. English and Language Arts teachers were always my favourites. They paid me as much attention as I thought I deserved. […]

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How to Dynamically Add Radio Buttons

Haven’t seen a tutorial for this that isn’t badly spelled and hard to grok, so I’ll try it. First, include the radio group widget and and declare one. You’ll also need LayoutParams and RadioButton, so include those as well.

Inside your onCreate method, initialize the radio group.

R.id.radio_selection_group is referring to a radio […]

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How to Stay Warm on a Motorbike for Cheap

I’ve had my bike insured and running since January, and damn if today wasn’t the first decent weather we’ve had in all that time. Step 1: Gloves. If you’re a responsible adult, get some that have nice, plush lining, carbon knuckles, leather shells with no perforations. Gauntlets that go all the way up to your […]

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