I’m Shannon Graham

I’ve been writing brief essays and occasional how-to articles at Rocketships, Unaffiliated (.ca) whenever inspiration strikes, since 2012. I’m interested in opinions, particularly on the following topics: motorcycles, bike polo, applied philosophy, programming, local politics, and your latest art project.

Right now I’m doing freelance web work. Examples of what I can do are found here. Let me know if you have a project that we can collaborate on.



(236) 882 6660


Years since birth

Minutes to downtown Victoria

Cats under my couch

Cups of Coffee

“There’s time enough but none to spare.”

My Skills

I build websites and custom web applications for kind, generous, and socially responsible clients. 

Making data entry easier, speeding up your website workflows, and finding simple and creative ways to showcase important information are some of the ways I can help your business.

  • WordPress
  • Photoshop
  • Content Creation
  • Custom Software

I just want to make your life easier. Let me know how I can help.