New Phone Time

A couple weeks ago, my Blackberry started acting up. When the battery was low – not very low, like maybe half – I would get a white screen. All the buttons stopped working, I couldn’t turn it off, just bright white screen with nothing on it, until the battery died.

So, I started thinking about Android phones. My friend Kirby told  me of the Nexus 4 that was coming out in a few days. I didn’t manage to get one before they sold out, but it was too late anyway. I had downloaded the developer tools and was enthusiastically hammering away at my first Android Hello World.

Since I don’t actually have an Android phone, I have to use an emulator to test whether stuff works  – this is a slow, painful process that causes a lot of distraction and Redditing. However, after several days of trying to get the emulator to work, I was successful. Now to get my actual code to work, yay.

Here is some useful information:

If you find this text file in /adt-bundle-mac/sdk/tools:

The command you’re looking for is this one:



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