2001 BMW f650gs clutch lever replacement

by | Aug 15, 2015

So I dumped my bimmer in a parking lot and broke off the clutch lever. BMW wanted to sell me a replacement assembly for $120, which seemed a bit high. I visited 4 motorcycle shops in Victoria looking for a replacement but all of them told me that aftermarket levers for this bike don’t exist. This is not true.

IĀ got the lever for the Dakar, hoping it might be close enough. It is exactly right. The part number is 0613-0101 from Parts Unlimited. (OEM # 32727650994). Hope this helps someone.

Also was having a problem with the bike mysteriously stalling once in a while. All kinds of things can cause this, but in this case, a clip in the battery cable came loose and was only making the connection intermittently. You can’t get at this clip without taking off the battery cover (the panel on top of where the gas tank would be on another bike).