Dan Bouwers

by | Jun 11, 2013


Yes, that mustache really happened.

Yes, that mustache really happened.

Dan Bouwers: a school teacher and photographer, and an old friend from summers spent at Roberts Lake, north of Campbell River. I have a deep affection for teachers and photographers, and Dan is good at both. Passionate people are awesome to have in your life – so many of us are content to sleepwalk through life, doing whatever job is easy to get and nothing in particular on the weekends. But Dan has never settled for anything other than exactly what he wants to do.

I love it when my friends are doing well in life. His wife Jordan is an old friend from high school, and it’s good to see them happy and successful. I avoid going up island, so I hope to lure them to Victoria someday and start hanging out in their kitchen. Meanwhile they are in Black Creek, and Dan’s going to be photographing an event on Fathers’ Day – Walk A Mile For Orphans, sponsored by a mutual friend of ours.

Since I won’t be making it, I hope someone else will go out there and make some noise for an orphanage in Uganda. And make sure to get in front of DJB’s lens,  because he makes people look good.


Dan’s wife Jordan in the background, and a couple of tree planting hippies

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