Getting a little further with Stripe

by | Oct 4, 2012

Edit: I had some success getting it running with C#, read it about it here.


Ok, so now I’ve got the code for the payment form and the action for it on my server and running, and I can at least tell whether stuff is working or not (it’s not). Check it out at if you want.

A typical use case:

For this to happen I need:

A product page that contains:

  1. An item
  2. An “add to cart” button
  3. A “checkout” button

A checkout page that contains:

  1. A list of the customer’s items
  2. A “pay now” button

For these pages to work I need

  1. A database of items
  2. A method to get an item from the database
  3. A method to handle the “add to cart” button
  4. A way to list the customers items on the checkout page

And the last ingredient, of course, is someone who knows way more than I do, cause I feel super lost, and pretty sure that most people reading this from HackerNews or Proggit are just gonna laugh at me. Oh well, soldier on. You only learn the hard way.