Here’s What You Should Do This Weekend

by | May 25, 2012

Take a rusted, rotten shell of an old car.

An old car with weeds grown into the grille, probably hasn't moved in years. Source

Remove all the junk from inside of it.

A cleaned out race car shell painted black on the outside and red on the inside.Source


Set it under a nice maple tree.

Battered old truck under a maple treeSource


Bolt in a racing seat.

Corbeau racing seatSource


Remove the steering column, and replace it with a laptop desk on a swivel.

A mount that could be used to install a laptop on the dashboard.Source


Run an extension cord out from the house.

A beautiful extension cord, with fabric insulation instead of plastic.Source


Remove what’s left of the engine, and replace it with a refrigerator.

A small, portable chest stye refrigerator.Source


Hang out in your new fort and watch Top Gear.

Me, in a BMW, watching Top Gear on my laptop.Source