I was born to be a Recreation Vehicle Service Technician. Possibly.

Some nice rando on the internet lent me his log in for www.careercruising.com, so I could find out what I ought to be when I grow up. The results are in:


1. Agricultural Engineer
2. Civil Engineer
3. Mechanical Engineering Tech
4. Petroleum Engineer
5. Computer Hardware Engineer
6. Chemical Engineer
7. Civil Engineering Tech
8. Mechanical Engineer
9. Aerospace Engineer
10. Biomedical Engineer
11. Demolition Expert
12. Farm Equipment Technician
13. Race Car Technician
14. Computer Scientist
15. Heavy Equipment Technician
16. Nuclear Engineer
17. Diesel Technician
18. Automotive Service Technician
19. Motorcycle Mechanic
20. Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration Tech
21. Aircraft Mechanic
22. Commercial Diver
23. Wildlife Technician
24. Millwright
25. Sprinkler System Installer
26. Ironworker
27. Pipefitter
28. Small Engine Mechanic
29. Engineering Tech
30. Mining Engineer
31. Steamfitter
32. Heavy Equipment Operator
33. Electronics Engineer
34. Elevator Installer and Repairer
35. Stationary Engineer
36. Industrial Machinery Mechanic
37. Explosives Specialist
38. Electrical Engineer
39. Recreation Vehicle Service Technician
40. Materials / Metallurgical Engineer


Funny how life changes, I took a bunch of those quizzes in high school, and it was all like “pilot”, “journalist”, “editor”.

2 thoughts on “I was born to be a Recreation Vehicle Service Technician. Possibly.

  1. That would be because it is based on your preferences. Do you like to… I notice that the top 10 are probably decent jobs for you- except for the Math involved with some of them! If you are programming, don’t you need some math skills?

    1. I love math! I finally met a good math teacher at Camosun. But there was only the one math course in our whole program. I might do university and take some more, but that’s all I’ve got for now. However, programming requires surprisingly little of it, at least at the level I’m currently at.

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