A business making custom bushings for cars. It’s possible to get bushings that aren’t quite right for 12 bucks, so why not sell bushings that are perfect for 24?

A site that sells women’s jeans. Most women’s jeans on the market have unusuable pockets, bejazzling, and tasteless embroidery, and holes ripped in the knees because of “fashion”. I want to sell jeans with following goals:

1) Make your ass look awesome

2) Have pockets deep enough for your wallet and phone so that they complement your lines instead of ruining them.

3) Reinforce the crotch, because it constantly rips. Or find a way to make them fit so the crotch doesn’t rip.

4) Optional: Make a kevlar, kneepad version for motorcycles.

Convince someone to sponsor you as a racecar driver in hornet racing, and win as often as possible.

Build bicycle wheels.

Rent yourself out to people who are tired of their roommates. Live in their house rent free and make life uncomfortable for the unwanted housemate.