Living some stories

Life is lived through the stories you tell. As much fun as it is to wake up in a foreign house in Langford and spend the day trying to figure out how to get home, it’s more fun to tell the story later, preferably in the middle of an even worse adventure. I’ve been out living some stories lately.

Got lost at Thetis Lake, took up dumpster diving for profit and recreation, collided with a pickup truck, built some bicycles, avoided the police, entertained a visitor from Germany (while avoiding the police), murdered an innocent watering can with an air rifle, and didn’t write anything on my blog about it.

Sadly, none of these stories really need to be longer than a sentence, because they lack an essential element – complete, flaming disaster. So I haven’t learned much, and don’t have much to share. However, I hope to correct that problem by setting out for the states this weekend, with my elbow freshly healed, on a newly built bike, for three days of camping with no gear. (It never rains in Washington, right?)


2 thoughts on “Living some stories

  1. I disagree about the need for flaming disaster. It certainly HELPS make a good story – kinda makes it automatically okay, even if you don’t know the storyteller – but narrow escapes from disaster can also be storyworthy. I choose to believe that you helped a German spy evade our highly trained Victoria SWAT teams, and aren’t giving details so that the German Secret Service doesn’t track you down.

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