Some more silly ideas

by | Jun 12, 2013

Your brain is a muscle, like any other, and coming up with ideas is a skill that improves with practice, like opening beer bottles with a lighter or truing wheels. I’m working the crud out of my brain now – flexing that muscle, because it’s bored with TV, bored with school work, bored with minimum wage part time jobs with flexible hours, and needs something to chew on. Eventually I’ll come up with something that’ll inspire me to throw a couple weeks of my summer at it – meantime, here’s a fresh batch of stinkers.

1. Website called “how to avoid ever using the command line”. Dot com. The entire content is an <h1> that says “Just use the command line and stop being a baby.” Post ads.

2. Website called Bonus – I already own the domain, for some reason! Embed an mp3 player to play the soothing sounds of the african rain forest. Include affiliate links to firearms and pills on Amazon, in case the user wants to commit suicide.

3. Webcam for government employees. Someone once pointed out to me the exact location of the BC premier’s office in the Birdcages. High powered video camera feed all day. Drawbacks – this would be probably the most boring webcam ever.

4. Trading cards for local cafes. Every entrepreneur I know, including myself, has a default hipster cafe that they take clients to for coffee dates. How about trading cards so we could share our favourite spots? They could have, like, attributes such as “award winning barista” or “separate, quiet lounge” or “above average Wi-Fi”, and then you could battle them the way you do with Pokemon cards. Especially fun when someone invites you to a cafe that isn’t your default, and you want them to come to yours instead. Fight it out!


5. Post when your dog or cat gets knocked up, when the expected date of delivery is, and when the litter will be available for cuddle parties. Get rid of the spares, perform a valuable public service for people who just need cuddles. This doesn’t need to be a website, really – a Facebook page would probably do the job ok. No money involved, just happiness.


6. Flash detector spider – this isn’t a product, just something useful that a coder ought to make for themselves. Crawl the web looking for restaurant websites that have flash intros. Every one of them is a website due for reno, and a potential client.

7. Proximity beeper for laptop chargers. Am I the only one who CONSTANTLY forgets my charger in random places? Probably, but still, this is something I need. There’s already an alert on my phone to remind me to grab my charger at 3pm, but what if I don’t leave at 3pm? And what if I leave it at home? My battery is only good for about 5 hours these days.

So this thing causes both the laptop and the charger to bleat pitiably at you if they get more than 50 feet apart, unless you specifically press the “shut up” button. Maybe make your phone go off as well.

8. Convince 5 other people to buy pedal straps at wholesale price from Ynot Cycle, so I can get the set I need for ultra cheap.


I’ve got a pair on my polo bike, and they’re awesome. Need some for my commuter as well.

9. I tried to come up with 10, but my brain hurts. If you get rich off any of these ideas, I don’t want a commission (or blame, if you’re silly enough to try any of them 🙂 Maybe get me a beer though? That’d be terrif.