The agonizing process of choosing a new phone

by | Feb 6, 2013

I feel like a complete ass* for even writing this post.

Well, my beloved Blackberry is dying. The charging port is loose and the camera sucks, and these are good enough reasons for a new phone.

blackberry curve with hearts

A bunch of things went into my decision. You should know that the 3 main (only, really) contenders for the new phone were a Blackberry 9360, the new Blackberry Z10 or Q10, and the Google Nexus 4.

Here’s the score:

Familiar clicky keyboard, and I’m a keyboard diehard.
Cheap as chips at $200 or so on eBay.
Already have a BB plan set up on Fido.
Better camera (5mp) than my current phone (3.2mp).
I’ve been really happy with my old phone and this is a slight
upgrade without any real changes.

Blackberry Z10 (or maybe Q10):
New shiny
Blackberry loyal
New shiny counts twice
Really good reviews on the virtual keyboard, and I want to
give it a chance.
I would love to develop for the Blackberry platform
My classes+research have me mega-ultra-hyped about the QNX
operating system – I would also love to develop for QNX.

But they want like 600 bucks for it. Oh my god. It’s not like I can afford any of these things. Minus, I don’t ¬†know, 4?


Google Nexus 4:
Camera is getting rave reviews – gonna go ahead and award 3 points for this.
New shiny (though only once in this case)
I’m already developing for Android.
Cheap for what you get – $363 shipped.
Factory unlocked.


The final factor is that I’m moving to Australia in June. My advance scout reports that it is impossible to do anything in Oz without a smartphone. Ask people for directions on the street, they won’t help you, they just tell you to Google it. Kind of lame, but when in Rome, right? My current BB will not be sufficient in this kind of climate, although it does technically have a web browser. Data is expensive and it won’t let you use wifi without a sim card and a plan.

The Nexus can be used without a plan and is unlocked so I can get onto an Australian network without doing nerd stuff.

Not to mention, AUSTRALIA. I’m going to need pictures. I’m not a good enough photog to justify a nice camera, but I do need pictures.


The price on the Blackberry rules it out – at least for now. I’ll get one when I’m wealthy(er). My Nexus is in the mail.


android eating blackberry

Photo found here:

*Is “ass” the right word? I’m thinking of some combination of tech nerd, hipster, tech hipster, first-world-problem-having, latte-sipping metrosexual. Also, girls can be metrosexual, right? I think I’m going to change my gender to “no comment” just in case.