The Most Interesting Thing About Me

by | Jan 24, 2012

We were doing some stupid networking exercise in school the other day, and I guess I decided to be kinda mean, and kinda have fun with it. I put a guy on the spot, barely talked to him once before that day, and said, “What’s the most interesting thing about you?”

He said what people normally say when I ask them that – “I dunno, I’m not that interesting I guess…” That answer is normal and expected, but I’m still disappointed when I hear it. So I gave the only logical response, and called him a fucking liar. We’ll probably be good friends, next time I run into him.

I realize it’s a pretty mean thing to do, putting someone on the spot like that. So here’s my answer, and, by the way, the RIGHT way to answer the question, if you ever get it.

It’s tough to answer that when I’m on the spot like this. Different people are interested by different things, so it’s hard to say. But here’s one thing that you may find interesting.

When I was 18, I decided to buy a motorcycle. I didn’t have a license, hadn’t so much as sat on a motorbike before then, but it seemed like a good idea.

A friend drove it home for me, and another friend showed me how to turn it on. The first time I rode it, I made it about 20 meters in a straight line, then tried to turn.

I was not successful. I rammed it into a brick wall.

This is the way I do things, though – bite off more than I can chew, attempt things I’m not capable of, break stuff, hurt myself, keep trying and eventually succeed. And THAT may be the most interesting thing about me.

So, I had this idea that even though I’m not an engineer or an expert on anything at all, maybe I could do a blog about space travel, and inspire something. It’s a ridiculous idea, it will probably come to nothing, and it may make me look like a foolish blowhard to any future employers who stumble across this blog.

But right now, it’s all I can do, and hopefully anyone who reads this will be able to understand my passion, and why it is so important to get off this planet. If I hurt myself and break stuff in the process, it’s an accepted cost.