I squatted 75lbs for 3 sets. Then 80lbs for 2 sets. 80lbs is a personal best. After the last rep I was shaking and fell over and sat crosslegged for a couple minutes, panting. It felt really good.

I went to  polo. Scored twice in the first game, including the winning goal. Scored once in the second game. Was too depressed to keep playing. (That probably doesn’t make sense to the reader. Depression comes when it wants to. Doesn’t have anything to do with how rad you played in the game.) Went home.

Chatted to Kahla about her dog’s butt problems. Cheered up a bit.

Thought about getting a sleeping bag liner and only sleeping in my sleeping bag from now on. Because it is soooooooooo comfy. It’s a little cocoon of warm. And my room is usually freezing.

Thought about making a habit of second breakfast. So, get up, shower, first breaky (banana and PB on toast), coffee, second breakfast (yogurt and granola), out the door. Could work.

It was an alright day. I’m 26. Single. Have friends. Have job. Am healthy. Family are doing well also. I’m feeling very blessed and making sure to appreciate it.