Weekly report

by | Feb 28, 2013

I don’t know what anyone else does with their time, but here’s what I’m on this week.

Homework, Constantly

In Data Warehousing, I’m 3 labs behind. The lab period coincides with another, harder, more interesting class, so I often let it slide a bit. I’m studying the review material like crazy hoping that I can at least make it up on the exam.

In QNX Neutrino, I’m only one lab behind, and utterly fascinated by the material. Did you know that BMW internal computers run on QNX? It’s a little worrying, to be honest, given how frequently my computer crashes. Sometimes it lasts up to 10 minutes without a crash. Dang. For your information, my computer is the only one that acts up so frequently – everyone else is mostly fine.

Later this week I aim to do a tutorial series on what we’ve done in that course so far, for my own benefit and the internet’s.

In Android Development, I’m trying to use a Bluetooth connection to transmit Morse messages. Currently the app does nothing but crash, hurray.

There’s one other course that’s so forgettable I don’t even know what the name of it is. I’m getting an A in that one.

Outside School

Lol, that’s not even a thing.

Ok, well I’m waiting on motorcycle parts so I can become an upstanding citizen with reliable transportation, rather than a bum ecologically friendly person on the bus.

On Monday I want to go to a Saanich City Council meeting to gather some research for my Capstone project, which I’ll write about in the next week or two. May I resist the compulsions to make a stirring speech and alter the course of history. I should make sure I’m better informed first.

Ongoing Projects

  • Find a job next quarter
  • Find a job in Australia
  • Fix my blog layout so it looks good on mobiles
  • Read the QNX textbook cover to cover
  • Make a prototype app for controlling my cochlear implant
  • Improve my current spring rate calculation app so it’s user friendly
  • Get my ass out to bike polo
  • Update this blog a lot more often

Sometimes I get bored. Writing everything out like this reminds me of how much stuff I’m trying to do, and that I have no excuse to be bored at all.